All-Purpose Book Lights

Mighty Bright lights were first created as book lights but they are extremely handy in any situation where you need focused, portable light. With an infinitely adjustable neck, high CRI LEDs, and a clip-on or free-standing base, you will quickly discover just how versatile they really are. 

Magnifiers & Craft Accessories

Check out our groundbreaking magnifier lamps that adjust to your desired color-temperature (warm to cool), are portable and rechargeable, and have an optical-grade acrylic lens for accurate magnification.  From sewing to woodworking, Mighty Bright's craft tools are essential. 

Music Performance Lights

Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist, a DJ, a public speaker, or just someone who needs bright light and a broad field of coverage, our music stand lights will get the job done.  Fully adjustable and dimmable, these lights shine where you need them and not at your audience. 

So much more than a book light. Watch and see why:

New Versions of The Classics

Improved design and materials make all the difference in our New Generation lights and lighted craft magnifiers.


Best Sellers

Our durable LED book lights and lighted craft tools have become standard equipment for avid readers, travelers, quilters, knitters, tinkerers, and artisans of all kind. Our best-selling music stand lights are used by orchestras, schools, and places of worship throughout the world.

Mighty Bright products are perfect anywhere you need bright, focused light. With features like color-temperature selection and different brightness levels, our lights give you control like no other. At Mighty Bright, we use our lights for all kinds of things. What will you do with yours?