Our quality standards have established Mighty Bright an industry leader since 1984. Designed and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, we use only the highest quality materials and perform over 20 quality assurance checks on each of our products.  


We use precision engineered optical grade lenses on our LEDs that are specifically designed to distribute a wide field of consistent lighting with no hard edges. The precision lenses work in conjunction with our High CRI LEDs (High Color Rendering Index LEDs) to provide better color rendering and even light output. Colors appear more vibrant and true, and with minimal optical distortion. 


Mighty Bright Quality - our product specs and quality control testing standards


We test to FCC, CE, RoHS and Reach, UL, and California Prop 65 standards. We also audit our suppliers quality programs, working and living conditions, and factory safety to ensure high standards. During the design and development phases, we test a long list of things to ensure quality, such as tens-of-thousands of cycles on switches, number of flexures on goosenecks, plugging and unplugging power cables thousands of times, temperature and humidity testing, LED light output testing, and more. Finally, all Mighty Bright products are backed by our 100% Mighty Bright Guarantee