Some of the ways Mighty Bright employees use Mighty Bright products:

The BrightFlex light being used for engine repair on a classic Corvette.



Roger | CEO

The BrightFlex

"I am a big fan of our BrightFlex light.  I keep it plugged in and charged up in my small workshop so it is always at the ready.  I am currently picking away at a classic Bronco restoration and I have a heck of a time seeing through my auto darkening welding helmet when I am working in tight spaces.  The BrightFlex produces enough light so I can see clearly before I strike the arc with the welder.  It also works great underneath the car to see into the nooks and crannies and clips nicely to a frame rail or cross member for convenient hands free use."

The NuFlex Rechargeable Light in Midnight Blue clipped to an old Winnie The Pooh book.

Trevor | Director of Business Development

NuFlex Rechargeable

"Having four kids, it’s not always easy to get them to sit down to read. Simply by putting a tool in their hand to help them (a book light), it completely shifts their perspective on reading from a chore for school to a delight, and that generally leads to fort building and longer reading sessions!"


The WonderFlex Rechargeable Light in White clipped to a laptop to illuminate the keyboard.



Barbara | Sales Manager

WonderFlex Rechargeable

"My favorite testimonial over the years comes from a guy who had one of our classic XtraFlex2 lights attached to his raised toilet seat during a power outage. It helped him and his young sons hit the target.  We had actual photos of the set up, lol!  There have also been so many stories from parents who find their children under the covers after lights-out using a Mighty Bright to read books. Too cute. I personally use a WonderFlex focused on the keyboard of my laptop for middle of the night emails.  I also use a NuFlex Rechargeable for regular reading - it is the best light for my aging eyes. I have a Sensor Light in my bathroom as well.  It is so great when nature calls just to stumble out of bed, barely open your eyes, and the light pops on to guide you."



The Recharge Light in Lavender clipped to a book.


Daniel | Customer Sales & Service Specialist

The Recharge

"My favorite Mighty Bright product is the Recharge Book Light. Very functional and a great design overall. I use it to read just about every night. I also use the BrightFlex light on a music stand and a NuFlex Rechargeable on my digital piano and around the house like a flashlight. These rechargeable lights have also been very useful during power outages!"

The LED Magnifier Task Lamp with Pincushion base illuminating a quilting square.


Sarah | E-Commerce Manager

Task Light & Magnifier Lamp

"This lamp is the best for all kinds of craft projects or anything else where you need focused light and/or magnification. I've given these as gifts to both my mom and my grandma, they are avid knitters and quilters and they just love it!"