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We've listed some basic information about LEDs and our products here first. Please scroll down for tips and troubleshooting info.


Adapter information is at the bottom of the page. 


What is an LED?

LED stands for “light emitting diode.” LEDs emit light that is up to 90% more efficient than an incandescent bulb but they are not a light bulb. LEDs are actually semi-conductor diodes that direct electrical current, and this focused movement of electrons through the diode releases energy in the form of light.


In our products the diode, or diodes, are mounted on the light head and covered with an optical grade acrylic lens to distribute clear, consistent light. 


Just like the Sun, never look directly at LEDs for any prolonged period of time. Our eyes are made to see with light, but not look directly at it.


What is “color temperature”? What does "blue-white" and "warm-white" light mean?

Our lights are either 5000K or 3000K. The letter K stands for Kelvin, which is the unit of measurement used to define the color spectrum of visible light.  This is also called “color temperature” and it is the way the light appears when you look at it on a white page.  Blue-white light is like daylight, where warm-white light is similar to what light looks like at sunrise and sunset.  


What are lumens?

Lumens are the units that are used to define the brightness of light.  Our book lights and music stand lights range from 2 lumens to 100 lumens. Most of our lighted magnifiers produce 3 lumens of light.  Our lamps go as high as 350 lumens.


Fun fact: a blue-white light and a warm-white light can have the same number of lumens, but to the human eye the blue-white light often appears brighter.


What does the term “eye-care” mean?

Just like the blue-light filters you might be familiar with for your smartphone or computer screen, and similar to blue-blocking eyeglasses, warm-white light creates less eye strain and is considered easier on the eyes.  Our lights in the 3000K color temperature range are what we call “eye-care light.”


How long will my light last?

Our LEDs last 100,00 hours and cannot be replaced. They are meant for the lifetime of the unit.


Please note that the LED life is not the same as the battery life; or for rechargeable models, the hours you can use your light on one charge.


Do not tamper with the protective lens that covers the LEDs, as this can damage them and cause them to stop functioning.


If you have issues with your light (or lighted magnifier), it is likely due to a malfunction in the electronic components of your light and not the LEDs. Please contact us for assistance.


What is Mighty Bright’s brightest light?

For book lights and music stand lights, our Orchestra Light is our brightest light at 100 lumens. The BrightFlex, our upgrade to the classic Orchestra Light, is our second brightest at 90 lumens.


For our lamps, the Rechargeable LED Crafting Floor Light and Rechargeable LED Floor Light and Magnifier go up to 350 lumens.


What is Mighty Bright’s least bright light?

The Recharge light is dimmable from 10 to 2 lumens and is our softest light.


Why is my light dimmer than normal?

Because our LEDs are rated to last 100,000 hours, it is most likely out of power or almost out of power. Try replacing the batteries or fully charging your light. 


How do I replace the batteries? How do I open the battery cover?

Please go here for battery instructions. If your model light is not listed, please contact us.


Why won’t my light turn on? 

If it is a battery-powered light, check the batteries and insert new batteries to troubleshoot this.  If you are using an A/C adapter and it is not powering the light as it was previously, you will also need to test the light with new batteries to see if it is an issue with the A/C power.


If it is a rechargeable light, follow these steps: 1) plug in the light and then test it. 2) If that does not work, try using a different micro-USB cable and/or charging block to troubleshoot if it’s the cable or charging block that is not working. 3) If this does not resolve it, please contact us.


Why won’t my light dim, or go to the different brightness settings?

If your light is almost out of batteries or running out of charge it will not dim. It will only work at its lowest setting.  Try charging your light or replacing the batteries.


How can I tell if I have a rechargeable light?

The best way to know if you have a rechargeable model is to look for the charging indicator light. This is located next to the clip mechanism on the WonderFlex, NuFlex, and Recharge lights, and is located on the battery bank on the BrightFlex light. If there is no indicator light, your light is a battery-powered model.


 Also, on our WonderFlex Rechargeable and NuFlex Rechargeable lights there is a small screw in the back of the light that secures the battery cover. This is one of the best ways to distinguish if you have a battery-powered or rechargeable WonderFlex or NuFlex light.


For more info, here is a link to all our Rechargeables.


Why won’t my light charge?

First, confirm that your light is a rechargeable model. This is a common question because several of our lights come in battery-powered and rechargeable versions. See the question directly above in order to determine if you have a rechargeable light.


If you have a rechargeable light and it is not charging, plug in the light and see if the charging indicator light comes on.  If the light does not come on, try charging the light using a different micro-USB cable and/or charging block. Any standard micro-USB cable can be used to test this.


For WonderFlex and NuFlex Rechargeables, you can also troubleshoot by using a small screwdriver to remove the battery cover on the back of the light, then remove the battery pack without disconnecting the wires. Use a lint free cloth or an air duster to dust off the battery connections. Reassemble the light and see if it charges.


If none of these methods work, please contact us.


I can’t turn off my Recharge Light.

The Recharge light has what is called “continuous dimming” rather than “step-down dimming” like the rest of our dimmable lights. What this means is that when you hold down the power button it starts to dim the light from 10 to 2 lumens.  


To turn off the Recharge, you must tap the power button and release it quickly, almost like touching something hot. If you rest your finger too long on the power button the light will think you are trying to start the dimming function rather than turn it off.  Please try this quick-tap method and contact us if you are still having issues.


I have assembled my Rechargeable Floor Light (SKU 69027 & 69037). Why won’t it light up?

Make sure the arrow on the lamp’s post is lined up with the arrow on the lamp’s base. If these are not lined up correctly, the post will not insert completely and it will not light up or charge.


How do I charge my rechargeable light? Where do I plug in the micro-USB cable?

Our rechargeable lights come with a micro-USB cable and any standard micro-USB cable can be used to charge these lights. You can plug the micro-USB cable into any USB-compatible charging block, such as the charging block for your smartphone or tablet.  You can also use any USB port on a laptop or similar device to charge your light.


Can I use my battery-powered light with A/C power?

Some models of our lights are compatible with our A/C adapter and can be run off A/C power.  You do not need to remove the batteries when plugged into A/C power. 


Other models of our lights have a micro-USB port and can be run off A/C power by plugging the micro-USB cable to any standard USB charging block.  There is also no need to remove the batteries if it is a battery-powered model.


Rechargeable models can also be run off A/C power via the micro-USB cable and will still charge while being used (although they will charge a bit more slowly). 


Models that use our A/C adapter: 





Orchestra Light



Models that use a micro-USB cable:



WonderFlex Rechargeable

NuFlex Rechargeable




Can I use rechargeable batteries in my light? Will it charge the batteries?

You can use rechargeable AAA batteries in our battery-powered lights but please note that the light will not charge the batteries. You must use the dedicated battery charger that is made for the rechargeable batteries.


Also, we have found that the battery life and brightness of our lights will be a little different when using rechargeable AAA batteries. The battery life tends to be a little shorter and the light output may also be slightly less bright. Nonetheless, rechargeable AAA batteries are a great solution for cost savings and the ecological benefit (reusing batteries instead of throwing them away).


Do I need to remove the batteries when my light is plugged in?

No, there is no need to remove batteries when using A/C power.


My light is plugged in and it is not working.

For micro-USB lights, try using a different micro-USB cable and/or charging block to troubleshoot if it’s the cable or charging block that is not working. If this does not resolve it, please contact us


For A/C adapter lights, confirm that the light works on battery power. If it works with batteries, it is most likely a faulty adapter and you can purchase replacement adapters here.


The micro-USB cable does not insert completely. Is the micro-USB port broken?

The micro-USB connector is not intended to sit flush against the light while in the charging port (or micro-USB power port). This is normal and there is no danger of electrocution with the exposed part of the connector.


Which A/C adapter is compatible with the Orchestra Light, Encore Light, Duet2, HammerHead, and XtraFlex2 lights?

Go here for the correct a/c adapter.


Which replacement adapter do I buy for my 69027 Rechargeable LED Floor Light & Magnifier Lamp?

Go here for the correct replacement adapter.  


Which replacement adapter do I buy for my 69037 Rechargeable LED Crafting Floor Light?

 Go here for the correct replacement adapter page.  


Which replacement adapter do I buy for my 69017 LED Task Light and Magnifier Table Lamp with Pincushion Base?

 Go here for the correct replacement adapter product page. It is not the same as the rechargeable adapter.


Which replacement adapter do I buy for my 69007 LED Task Light Table Lamp with Pincushion Base?

 Go here for your correct adapter product page.It is not the same as the rechargeable adapter. 


How long is the cable on the adapter for the 69027, 69037, 69007, and 69017 lamps?

6 feet.


How do I initiate a return?

Please see our return and exchange policy,and contact us to initiate your return.