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"I just wanted to pass along my thanks for how well the Recharge lights work.  A couple of months ago we had a big storm come through Iowa.  While my store was OK, my house in the country lost power for 5 days. The first thing I did was pick up a Recharge book light, charge it up at the store and bring it home. It worked so much better than candles or battery lanterns to read to!  I really don’t think I could ever go for 5 days without reading. You saved me!" - Kathy


“I had bought a blue one for my grandson upon the recommendation of my daughter who had the original XtraFlex. While he was gone for a week, I confiscated it one night and don't know how I lived fully before then, lol.”  Marinda


“The stand lights arrived today without a hitch and in plenty of time for our weekend performance. They will work great! Working with you was a like a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to complicate the simplest matters. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I have had such great customer service.”  - Jeanne 


“I love your product so much I have already purchased 8 of them to date. My boys have a hard time falling asleep and so to get them to produce melatonin naturally we keep all lights off in the evening and they use their Mighty Bright lights to read in bed before going to sleep. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.”  - Carol


“Wow!  Thanks for helping here... super-fast and no hassle. This feels like Amazon!”  - Jim


“Several years ago (perhaps even ten years?), I bought the carabiner and keychain lights somewhere locally. They still operate perfectly with the same batteries. I was reminded again how durable they are when we recently stayed in a hotel room with no night lighting in the bathroom. I was able to leave the light on the carabiner all night on the bathroom counter to serve as a night light. It served us for three nights and it is still in great shape.  Thanks for being such a great company with an exceptional product!”  - Denise


“My husband collects nautical maps and uses the lamps to illuminate them.”  - Sally


“You have the best lights, and our whole family uses them.”  - Casey


“I used the Floor Light Magnifier constantly in my studio for music stand and other temporary lighting. It needed new batteries so I decided to get a wall adapter... great idea! A 13 foot cord, they are never long enough!!  Great product.”  - Connie


“Paul Revere would have liked one of these or two of these on his famous midnight ride (I personally believe it would have shortened the war).”  - Larry


“I am enjoying the Mighty Brigh Orchestra Light that I already own for my home studio piano and am buying a new one for my piano at my school studio. Many of my colleagues use these in their orchestra pit and they work very successfully.”  - Christine


“I've had a carabiner light for some time and have found it to be the perfect night-time dog walking accessory. Decided today to order 5 more - a couple to give to friends and a few to stash in case I use up my 100,000 hours.”  - Janey


“This is my fifth light. Undoubtedly best you can buy.”  - Ernie


“I bought my reading light at an independent bookstore in Connecticut... I can't remember exactly where it was... somewhere south of Hartford, near the shore.  When I got home to Colorado, my husband wanted one. I was delighted that I was able to order it online.  It’s very handy for camping and also for reading in bed.”  - Melissa


“This has been the friendliest customer service experience ever! :-)”  - Richard


“My grandkids are really excited. They each received their favorite color. HAPPY reading is around the corner.”  - Sue