The WonderFlex Book Light



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Improving upon our best-selling XtraFlex2 design, The WonderFlex provides 20 lumens of dimmable and adjustable warm-temperature light that is easy on the eyes.

The WonderFlex's precision engineered optical grade lens is specifically designed to distribute a wide field of consistent lighting with no hard edges. The precision lens works in conjunction with our High CRI LEDs (High Color Rendering Index LEDs) to provide better color rendering and even light output. Colors appear more vibrant and true, and with minimal optical distortion.

The WonderFlex has two dimmable and adjustable LEDs rated for 100,000 hours and is powered by three AAA batteries (included) with a typical battery life of 30 hours, or by any standard micro USB cable (Mighty Bright Micro USB cable sold separately).

The WonderFlex is ideal for medium and small sized books, longer trips requiring extended battery life, or any wherever you need to add focused, bright warm light.

20 LUMENS | 7.95" x 3" x 2.9"

SKU# 47510 (BLACK) | SKU# 47511 (BLUE)

SKU# 47517 (WHITE) | SKU# 47513 (PURPLE)

SKU# 47516 (PINK)

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